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Government can search and destroy laptops, iPods at border PDF Print E-mail
Written by Peter   
Thursday, 29 May 2008 10:44

I’m having a bit of a hard time with an article I just read.  The article discusses a new agreement being made by our government secretly and behind closed doors which will allow border guards – at their sole discretion – to search your laptops, ipods and other digital devices for any files that they think are copyright infringements.  That means that all of your personal files, business files (including sensitive contracts or information) any photos or videos on your camera or iPod will be copied and viewed by any number of people every time you cross the border now – Your laptops and other devices can also be destroyed, again at the discretion of a low-level government employee.  Wow. 

I’m outraged on two fronts: 1. People have become very used to using their computers as diaries, having their own space organized the way that makes sense to them, and in essence providing a digital copy of our thoughts.  We expect privacy for these thoughts, and why shouldn’t we?  The internet is so wide and pervasive that any information that is stored locally can instantly be sent to any part of the globe, so what motivation could there possibly be to inspect a local drive – besides commercial interests, manifested in the form of a government authority.  Which brings me to problem 2.  That government employees, taxpayer-paid employees, who are supposed to be serving the interests of the people, are now security guards for the music and movie industry.  Our taxes will be paying for their business to be profitable.  Wait a minute.  Talk about the slippery-slope phenomenon…If the ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) goes through, it paves the way for all kinds of Orwellian scenarios.

This NEEDS to get press, people should understand the dramatic and severe impact this will have on their lives when traveling.  Tell your friends, family, and anyone you know, and hopefully the public backlash will let the music and movie industry know that we won’t accept this. 


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