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LG Tromm Steam Washing Machine Review E-mail
Written by Peter   


LG Tromm WM2487HRMABosch Nexxt 500

LG Tromm Steamwasher

Bosch Nexxt 500 Series


Rating: 5 out of 5


Rating: 4 out of 5












LG Tromm Steamwasher – Model WM2487HRMA vs Bosch Nexxt 500 Series - Model WFMC330SUC

Summary: The LG Tromm is a top of the line, feature rich washer with solid performance and beautiful color choices. You get what you pay for, and this washer isn’t cheap. One-time leveling of washer and leaving door open between washes solves any issues with vibration or mildew. Six months after purchase, we're still very pleased.


It’s just a washing machine.

This is the basis for thought as I embarked upon choosing a washer for our new house. The washer and dryer we left at the previous house were about 3 years old, though we had purchased them new when we moved into that house. It was a Whirlpool pair, top loading extra capacity and a standard electric dryer, again with extra capacity. They worked well, did their job and we didn’t give much thought to leaving them behind.


As we approached moving day, we set out to select a washer and dryer for our new house, and having heard increasing amounts about the European-style front-loading washers we decided that they were worth a look...

I started by looking at Consumer Reports, evaluating the merits of the various washers, which quickly became information overload when one factors in the variety of features and designs. Hoping to gain some perspective by seeing the machines in person, we went down to Home Depot and open and shut the machine’s doors, played with the buttons, made stern, approving faces at each other while we nodded back and forth, then left. The review sites gave good ratings to the Bosch and LG models across the board, with the slight edge given to the LG, so we were fairly set on one of those two brands. While the Teutonic engineering of the Bosch drew my attention, the style of the design was simply no match for the cherry red LG WM2487HRMA steam-washer. The Bosch build quality felt a bit suspect, with a bit of flex in the parts during testing. On the LG, the feel of the circular wash-cycle selector is very solid, and seemed to pull itself into place at each turn. This, coupled with the variety of lighting and chimes made the front of the washer as enticing as an airplane cockpit to a child on the way to Disneyland. “Ooooh, what does this button do?”

Being swept away while in the store, I managed to regain my analytical side once we had left, and decided to dig further into the LG once we arrived home. Top marks across the board. Washer performance, noise, energy consumption, internal water heater, features, steam – This thing has it all. ‘So why doesn’t everyone own one?’ I asked myself. Oh, there it is…The price. The closest competitor, the Bosch Nexxt 500 series is several hundred dollars less – which was still a lot of money, but after we resigned ourselves to going for the best, LG Washing machine control panelit all became just numbers at some point. And the LG is the best. Rated better than the high-end Miele W4840 and with settings for every imaginable fabric or clothing combination, we knew we would be happy with this washer.

And we weren’t wrong. We bought the washer and once it arrived setup was a snap. Coming from a top-loading washing machine my expectations for the drain hose size were revised when I saw the 1” hose (as opposed to the standard 1.5”) - It really must use less water! Drain hose goes into the drain pipe, hot and cold water connects and four transport bolts come out of the back. All that’s left is leveling the washer, since the manual describes heavy vibration if not leveled correctly. We have a second-floor laundry room so I was especially worried, but after a few adjustments the washer doesn’t move or vibrate much at all, certainly not enough to be concerned anyway. Our accompanying dryer is the LG DLG7188RM, which is the gas model (electric model is DLE7177RM) and it works just as well as the washer, matching the washing time or less each time, even with a full load of towels! This means that the washer can be kept constantly busy, great for the day one decides to deal with the accumulation of laundry from the rest of the week. Some people in the reviews had mentioned issues of mildew forming on the washer, but after 6 months of use we haven’t had any issues and I attribute this to one factor: We leave the washer door open when it’s not in use. It makes complete sense that any water-tight enclosure, with time will develop mildew if not allowed to dry out. Leaving the door open, even just a bit, eliminates this issue entirely – and I’d have to say this would be the same situation with every front-load washing machine.

LG Tromm front
The steam function is something that helped us make our decision, especially the ability to wash baby clothes at sanitizing temperatures. In use, the steam function is especially quiet, and the only sounds you hear are of the clothing falling from one side of the washer to the other. Clothes come out smelling great, and I’ve taken up putting our towel loads on steam, since the fresh scent is then released as you pull the towels into the shower to dry off. We’ve found that the steam cycle seems especially sensitive to overuse of laundry detergent, with about half as much as would normally be needed working well and leaving no bubbles/residue in the washer. As with all front-load washers, high-efficiency detergent is needed, but it is readily available, including a fully organic brand that Costco has recently started carrying.

Especially as prices have been coming down in recent months, the reasons to purchase another washer are dwindling. The LG WM2487HRMA is an amazing washer that has it all, and when you consider the (in)frequency of purchasing a washer, it really is worth it to buy the best.

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Cindy  - Thank you for the review!   |June-16 10:15:31
Thank you for the terrific review of the LG steam washing machine. We
have purchased one as well and are awaiting its delivery later in the week.
Your review helped my reaffirm my decision to buy this set and I appreciate your
comments. Thank you.
Peter   |June-16 13:34:01
Wonderful! Glad I could help - You'll love it I'm sure.

If you wanted to come
back and share your experiences with the readers here after you get it I'm sure
others would love to hear your opinions too!
wb   |August-25 15:22:28
nice washer, but now I have bad smells after one year of use. the door is always
left open. Im trying all the remedies I can find to get rid of the odor!!!
KF  - LG Tromm Washer STINKS   |October-05 09:16:30
The washing machine is a rip off. The drainage holes in the front are not at the
bottom, thus water is left at the bottom after every wash and after a few months
of use, you will have algae and mold growing in your washing machine. After
calling for service several times, had to return the washer. Design flaw can't
be fixed by "leaving the door open" or other ridiculous ideas that you
shouldn't have to try in order to wash your clothes. This machine is simply
Peter   |October-07 10:20:36
All front-load washing machines need the door left open between washes, it's a
simple side effect of the water tight seals they make and ensuring that mildew
doesn't form. Your dishwasher will do the same thing...

I can't speak to those
having problems since we have none ourselves - perhaps it has to do with the
frequency of washing or the atmospheric humidity differences or some other
variable. We have had our washer for a year now and have had no mildew problems

Perhaps we can help figure this out...For anyone having or not
having mildew issues, post your location, detergent used and frequency of

We are in Calgary AB (avg humidity 55% winter/45% summer) and are
using Ultra ECOS organic shampoo (from Costco). We do laundry approximately
twice per week.
Michelle  - looking   |October-23 00:03:04
Peter we are in Calgary too and looking to buy the same set and just shopping
around - do you mind if I ask where you got and the price?


Peter   |October-23 00:25:12
Hi Michelle - We shopped ours out quite a bit but it seems those in the US have
quite a price advantage over us in Canada. After having no success at price
matching at Home Depot, getting downright rude service at Sears
Appliances(Westbrook location) we were very close to ordering online since the
costs including shipping would be much cheaper (almost $500) than any local
retailer. In the end we purchased from Trail Appliances (down south by the
Costco / Ikea) because they would reduce their price by several hundred dollars
(online prices were still much cheaper) and they had them available for delivery
-as we had just moved into a new house and left our old washer/dryer behind we
needed something more quickly than could be shipped.

Hopefully that helps -
Enjoy your shopping!
Andrea   |January-08 10:28:02
Just wanted to ask anyone if the LG steamwasher and dryer needs water added
everytime you use the steam cycle or can it be hooked up directly. I had a
Maytag Neptune and after 5 years all the ball berings went bad and now I'm
replacing the washer and dryer, which at the time cost me about 2,200.00
dollars. I'm not happy to be doing this again, So I'm hoping the LG is worth
getting, some people say its noisey I was thinking of staking the two units. In
advance thanks for your response. Andrea
Ron  - Stinky washers   |January-25 11:53:50
The smelly laundry is indictative of using liquid detergents in front loading
machines. Something about the water temperature and/or minimum amount of water
not being able to disolve all of the detergent. We switched to HE powdered
detergent and problem was solved.
Jacki   |May-20 11:22:53
Should have probably noted on my reply to Peter that we use liquid detergent.
Will definitely try the poweder to see if that will help. thanks for the tip
Ron. (Weird that powdered disolves better than liquid....)
Jacki  - algae in front loaders   |May-20 11:16:57
Am in Iowa (USA). We keep the humidity in our house around 30%. We use Tide
double concentrated for HE washers. Our Bosch has an extreme algae problem
(have had for about 3 years). Our Whirlpool that we have had for about 2 years
doesn't have this problem. We leave the door open on the Bosch and have tried to
clean with bleach, doesn't seem to fix. Laundry 1 or 2 times/week
ruth  - Smelly washer   |January-29 09:40:01
Stinky, smelly, sour clothes that were just washed in the horrible LG
Never recommend this crappy appliance.
How do you get this company to be
I got an extended warranty thru GE that must not be worth the paper
it"s written on.GE extended warranty 877-843-3777 they almost never answer,
leaves you on hold for over 15 minutes to wear you down.Home Depot acts like
they never heard of this problem with GE warranty or the stinky appliance.If you
are in Home Depot and see anyone even looking at this stuff tell them to keep
walking.We bought an LG washer dryer unit, LG refrigerator and LG dishwasher
they are not worth the trouble or money. Unfortunately we paid for these item
or they would have been returned.
We've tried many recommended remedies and
still there is mold.
Carole  - SLUDGY, STINKY! DON'T BUY THIS WASHER   |July-07 06:55:52
I absolutely hate this washer. I have had sludge and algae and mold under the
rubber seals. I clean them constantly with OxiClean and bleach. I leave the
door open when not in use. MY CLOTHES STINK. ESPECIALLY TOWELS. They smell ok
until you dry yourself off with one and then they smell soured. To clean the
rubber sealers I use 3 or 4 washcloths, a knife, a spatchula and q-tips. It's
gross. I will never buy a front loading washer again.
Brett Joerg  - Use the Tub Clean Feature   |February-08 02:28:47
We bought this set in 2008, have had it for for four years now. Works the same
as the day we bought it. Fantastic washer and dryer. We use the tub clean
feature (press and hold extra rise/tub clean button) about every two weeks. Add
bleach, no clothes, and you are good to go. We also leave the door open after
each washing, but find the tub clean option to work the best. Hope this helps.
Lynn Way  - Washer stinks plus other problems   |February-01 10:03:52
Have had my TROMM set for almost three years, Cayenne in color. So feel after
nearly three years, I gave it a fair chance. First of all dealer (City
Furniture Dawson Creek) had no manual for it had to down load, never told us it
was a problem being in a manufactured home due to vibration,built a sub floor
and still is a problem - best on concrete/basement flooring. Exterior marks
easily, and final complaint, no way of cleaning in around rubber door washer,
collects sludge and smells like hell. Tub clean cycle will not clean this.
Have my washer by back door so have to lock door so no one comes in and hits
washer door,washer door has to stay open until inside completely dried out or
sludge smells, can only get so much sludge out with a Qtip. Really disappointed
with product, especially when cost was around $3,000 for matching pair with
base. So make sure if you have base that unit sits on concrete floor or you
will get bad vibration. I run my spin on low at all times to keep vibration
Terry  - Washer stinks plus other problems   |July-28 09:15:35
My wife and I have experienced the same problems with this machine. Our laundry
room is on the main floor. We were not informed about the vibration or that the
machine should be on concrete either so we removed the bases. They are now in
our basement collecting dust. We were informed by the Brick the next day they
do not take merchandize back. If anyone is interested in "Brick"
stories we have a few of them as well and don't shop there any longer. As with
other items we bought there, they know these problems exist and that is why once
you take an item out of the store its yours - they know that given half the
chance you will take them back.
Anonymous   |January-19 09:38:08
go to home depot and buy those rubber mats with the holes in them, put the
washer on top, problem sovle.
Beth  - re: LG Steamwasher   |February-22 22:13:04
After reading this review and others, we bought the LGWM2487HWMA. Sears
delivered on Thursday and I really love it! I have lots of animal hair and dirt
and love the steam cycles. Everything comes out so clean and nice. I LOVE the
musical chimes that signal the end of the cycle. The only thing I am wondering
is our Spin Sense button does not light up when I push and hold for three
seconds. It does make a musical chime though. Does your machine flash light
like the manual says?
Peter   |February-25 08:15:01
Hi Beth,

I just tried the Spin Sense myself and it does not light up when I
hold it for 3 seconds. The manual must need updating... What I did notice
though is that the spin speed light blinks when you have the Spin Sense on, and
it's solidly lit when the Spin Sense is off.

Beth   |February-26 21:05:49
We had the tech out since we had just purchased and they come for free, he
called manufacturer who said it's a mistake in the manual and the light is not
supposed to blink. So all is okay! Thank you for your help and response. Beth
Lisa   |May-04 12:45:17
We just had our LG front load washer and dryers delivered on Friday. So I have
been practicing with different loads. I do love the machines. I am curious
what dry cycle people are using for dress shirts that are not supposed to
require ironing. I have tried a couple and still have more wrinkling that I
want. I would appreciate any ideas...Thanks
Beth Knuth  - Beth   |September-20 22:36:47
I have been playing with our machine for over six months now and I have found
with dress shirts, if they are not filty, I just speed wash them then I send
them through the Steam Fresh cycle. They are damp but I hang them up and they
dry nice on the hangers. That works for the wrinkle free stuff, I don't know
about a non wrinkle free dress shirt. I do love this washer!!
Michael Shafer  - LG Tromm Washer & Dryer Owner   |December-15 11:40:50
Long term update - we've had our navy LG Tromm washer and dryer set for almost
4.5 years and after doing a minimum of 1.5 loads of clothes a day (3 very active
kids) and moving them to our retirement home, I can say without any doubt these
machines are built very well, do an excellent job of washing and drying, and
we've had zero mechanical or electrical issues....no mold or mildew
smells....tub clean mode works great.....I'd purchase these again in a
heartbeat....purchased an LG side by side refrigerator as well and its performed
Karen Scribner   |February-21 09:59:23
The big box stores and the plumbing supplies have mounts for the feet that
dampen the vibrations. Sometimes the machines are over/underloaded.
I think I
will use my glass washboard that was my grandmothers!!!!

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