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Remote Control Review -The struggle for Harmony E-mail
Written by Peter   


Logitech Harmony 880

Logitech Harmony 880


Rating: 4 out of 5



Logitech Harmony 880 Remote Review

Summary: The Logitech Harmony 880 is a capable remote that works well. The software to program it (the same software as all the Logitech Harmony remotes use) is fairly intuitive but can be challenging when trying to create more advanced sequences. When evaluating different Harmony remotes, look for one with a charging station as the battery life makes changing batteries constantly a nuisance (and the charging station avoids this.) The Harmony 890 adds RF support for use when line-of-sight isn't possible.


For me, it was the lights. Having a tv-tray full of remotes was a pain, sure, but I could survive…What got me was the thought of integrating my lighting scenes with my tv activity. Pressing one button to watch a movie and having the lights dim, projector and receiver turn on, and the pvr display the available movies on screen is one of those geek nirvana moments. It’s the kind of moment where others go “ooh, ahh” and marvel at your technical prowess to coordinate such an orchestra of technology.

The Harmony remote is one such offering that allows this consolidation of remotes, and from most accounts it’s the best out there. I did my research before purchasing a Harmony, and that included talking to anyone I knew with one about the pros and cons. I quickly discovered a common trend among those that had it – The advice they gave can be summed up in two points: