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Litter Robot vs Cat Genie 120 vs Littermaid vs Scoop Free E-mail
Written by Peter   

Cat Genie




Cat Genie 120

LittermaidLitter RobotScoop Free


Rating: 5 out of 5


Rating: 2 out of 5


Rating: 4 out of 5


Rating: 1 out of 5


  • Only litter box with no
    requirement to touch waste.
  • Urine drains immediately
    leaving dry granules for your cat to use
  • Best option for health-concerned individuals as waste is never stored within your house
  • New model fixes previous issues with clogging and drainage


  • Cheapest automatic litter box of the bunch
  • Sealed container keeps smell contained


  • Can be run on a schedule or at the push of a button
  • Larger container for waste than Littermaid or Scoop Free
  • An excellent option for those without access to plumbing for Cat Genie


  • No refilling of litter required
  • Clean-up is dust free
  • Has optional cover


  • Granules tend to scatter without covered dome in place
  • Requires location with access to cold water tap and drain


  • Small waste container requires emptying weekly
  • Sensitive to litter levels for correct operation


  • No option to remove cover for cats who won't use covered litter boxes
  • Large device compared to other offerings
  • Some smell can escape through holes in container


  • 30 day tray typically lasts 2 weeks
  • Refills are comparatively expensive
  • Silica gel can be harmful if eaten by babies or other pets
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Tatiana  - I adore the litter-robot -   |July-11 10:49:46
Which we just accidentally broke after moving... we have 4 cats which share
a huge litter box that does not get spot cleaned but simply
emptied entirely every three days. We enjoyed the litter robot for a year or so before we broke it, and the genie looks awesome for 1 or
2 cats.

With 4 cats though the solution/granule replacement
seems potentially expensive, not just in replacement costs but in
shipping. Plus if they clog it - I aint cleaning it :)

Somewhere you
mentioned shopping in Calgary - do you live here? I do. We also just
invested in a Roomba - the new generation and are considering a Scooba. Now
I'm just rambling though.
Peter   |August-28 05:18:01
The granules shouldn't need to be replaced apart from replenishing what gets
scattered/flushed - fairly minor overall. The solution costs could add up if
you ran the unit many times per day, but if your cats are used to 3 days in
between cleanings, once or twice per day may work well...Which would keep your
costs for the Cat Genie quite low.

We do live in Calgary (which is great except
for the winters), and since it's difficult to find any automatic litter boxes
locally (except the LitterMaid, which I'm not a fan of) we ordered online and
received it relatively quickly. That, and it seems that local retailers charge
25-40% more than online...I can wait a few extra days for the savings. ;)

also have a Roomba but with a big fluffy dog it was filling up with hair before
it finished our living room. I loved not having to vacuum though, and have also
considered the Scooba since hair wouldn't be a problem on tile...If you end up
buying one, come back and let me know what you think of it!
Julie  - Is the smell harmful?   |December-31 00:49:23
We have recently purchased the Cat Genie 120. Overall, we are very happy with
it. I am concerned about the strong odor after the unit cleans and dries
itself. It does not seem to have any waste remaining inside, but it has a very
strong smell for about 30 minutes after it is finished. Is there any research
on side effects from the plastic being heated or inhaling the fumes of the genie
after cleaning. I am just weiging whether I am thinking of my family's health
over convenience. Just wanted to know your thoughts?
Peter   |January-04 07:55:07
I believe that most of what you're smelling is the sani-solution drying.
It's designed to cover up any remaining smell but I've found that
the solution smell is worse than anything it's covering up.

Thankfully they've now introduced unscented solution so whenever you run
out of your current cartridges just order the unscented solution
instead and it should solve your problem. 

Here's the 3-pack of unscented for the original catgenie, the catgenie 120 version is in the related
items on that page.
Tommi Walker  - Odor after cleaning   |January-27 02:27:04
I have the CatGenie 120 and find that the smell left after all is done is very
clean and refreshing - it doesn't smell like a perfumey or chemical cover up-
just fresh and very clean...
Marcia  - Why higher rating for litter robot?   |July-16 23:03:37
From your review on Cat genie, it seems like you thought it better than the
litter robot but the robot got more bulbs, how come? I am seeking to graduate up
from littermaid!
Peter   |July-17 03:08:41
After owning the CatGenie for 2+ years, I was experiencing some of the
problems described in the other thread with water level issues,
error beeping etc. After being just about to give up on the Cat Genie
and promote the Litter Robot from #2 to #1 position, Cat Genie released the new model (Cat Genie 120)
which appears to address the issues plaguing the prior model.
For instance, the new Cat Genie has top access to the water level
sensor, which previously required digging into a messy hopper to get access
to.  They claim to have redesigned things to have less pellet loss and
better handling of hairballs.  Once I can get my hands on one I\'ll do
a review of the new Cat Genie and see if it's all that they claim. In
the mean time, I think the tradeoff is: CatGenie works for months at a
time, but when it breaks it's a pretty messy job to get working again,
or the Litter Robot, which still requires you to empty a container, but
seems pretty consistent apart from that.
Smoke  - thinking about getting two cats   |July-25 11:32:59
I was wondering if you have gotten the CatGenie 120 yet. I was recently thinking
about adopting two cats myself. Bengals I think probably. and I've been doing
research on litter boxes. What's the deal with the water level stuff you were
talking about? and if you've gotten the new one yet. Does it live up to what
they have changed on it?
Jumbo Cheeseburger   |August-25 02:54:16
I'm curious as well. I've read great things about the Cat Genie, and I've read
some not so great things.

The negatives seem pretty severe: easy clogging of
the sensor, the water level issue, and the dreaded burning cat poo smell, that
lingers in your nose for weeks.
Peter  - Cat Genie 120   |October-01 04:48:47
For all those who have been patiently waiting, we've had our Cat Genie 120
for a few weeks now and I'm ready to comment on the changes.

Dealing with the biggest issues of the previous Cat Genie first,
dried poop and cleaning the unit to fix the water level sensor - The new
unit has the ability to activate 10 minutes after your cat leaves the
box, instead of at a fixed time like the previous model. This may not seem
like a big change, but it is because it allows the genie 120 to scoop
the waste while it's still fresh and therefore less likely to slip through
the rake.  Slipping through the rake was the number one cause of the
awful dried poop smell that you may hear about. In two weeks so far, no
dried poop!

Secondly, the water level sensor is apparently cleaned
with the deep cleaning cartridge now, and while I figured that
it wouldn't be dirty enough to test with in just two weeks I was
wrong... The difference of before and after the deep clean was fairly
significant. I wasn't having any issues with the sensor before, so I
can't say if it would've fixed them, but they've made the sensor easy to
get at now (no more taking apart the dirty hopper) so worst case it's
an easy rinse now.

There are a few other improvements like longer lasting
cartridges and a sleep cycle to pause the unit for 10 hours (in case
the cat genie is within ear shot of someone sleeping) but ours is in the
basement and I'm more concerned about a set-it-and-forget-it
litterbox than anything else. The Cat Genie 120 model seems to have made huge strides and while it's not perfect (I wish
the litter didn't scatter as much) it's the best thing out there and
pretty impressive from an engineering standpoint.

If there are any
questions about the new unit, let me know and I'll try to answer them.
Nicki  - HELP!   |September-03 08:41:29
Hi...i have a cat and the worst thing about having a cat is the liter! I think
it is nasty, gross and unsanitary!! I dont think I will get another cat again. I
am debating on whether to get the CatGenie or littermaid or litter robot. I also
read cat litter can cause all sorts of illness' and problems. I want to have a
litter box thats as healthy as can be! What is the best box??
Susan  - coupon code   |December-07 03:26:42
I just found a coupon for the scoopfree for $10 off, it's "box10" if it
helps anyone.

We bought one since my son's allergies are aggrevated by litter
dust and I couldn't afford the cat genie (someday we'll upgrade).
GenieInABottle  - CatGenie 120 is the best option   |December-24 22:24:19
I have only owned the CatGenie 120 model so cannot comment on the previous
model. The customer service is excellent here in the UK.

Now I have used the
unit for a few months so I can give an overview of how its been.

It works as
advertised in every way, and really is so easy that your cats and kittens become
maintenance free. My kittens to it immediately and have never given me any
problems with it.

The litter granules do track around the house, but regular
cleaning with a vacuum does the job or you could buy the Genie Paw mats which
tend to capture most of the granules.

The single biggest downside to this unit
is what everyone talks about, the baked poo smell. Depending on your cats diet,
this can either happen to you everyday or once in a while. For most, it is a
once in a while occurence. But when it happens, boy does it happen! If your cats
poo is runny or soft/fragile then the scooper hand can sometimes break it into
little pieces or the poo just slips through the scooper mesh and is then washed
and heat dried. The aroma is unforgiveable.

If you have a full grown cat who
has well formed poo then this should not affect you. Occasionally a cat may have
a runny poo and that is when it will hit you.

The solution is to get some air
freshner and open the windows!

Having said that, this is still the BEST
automatic litter machine on the market by FAR. You will NEVER have to deal with
the waste, never have to carry tonnes of litter, never have to scoop, and you
will always have a fully sanitized and clean litter bowl after every use.

cats simply require some playtime and food. Thats the only maintenance I can
think of. The CatGenie has made light work of cat waste.

All other automated
litter machines still need you to regularly buy lots of litter, to empty out
whenever their containers are full. The CatGenie requires you to switch the plug
on and carry on with life.
Hinky  - Cat Genie Question   |March-30 05:36:19
Hi all, I was wondering if the cat genie is loud. Also if the dome helps to
reduce tracking the litter? How often does it need to be cleaned (filters ect.)?
Lastly would you recommend the 120? Thanks for any input because if I am going
to spend all of that $$$ I want to make an educated decision:)
Lon  - Cat Genie   |September-23 23:35:17
I've had the Cat Genie for about a year now. The first one had issues (as listed
above), but when the second generation came out, and mine went bad, they sent
another with no additional charges. It has worked wonderfully for me. Problem I
am facing now, is that we've accumulated four cats, and the Cat Genie takes too
long to clean (about a 35 minute cycle). The cats don't have patience to wait,
and, well, you know. So, I just did somemore research, to see what the latest
advances were, and it appears to me that the Cat Genie is still the way to go.
So, my decision now, is to get a second one, and stagger the cycles, so that
hopefully one will be available more often than not. Bottom line, I recommend
the Cat Genie, even if I have to have two. I've owned the self scooping one
(forget the name, but it's made by LitterMaid), but am allergic, so I have to
insulate myself from the cats as much as possible (wife and daughters like the
cats, so I do too, lol). The Cat Genie is the best way that I've found to do
this. My two cents...

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