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Cat Genie review - Automatic litter box reviews E-mail
Written by Peter   

Cat GenieLittermaid

Cat Genie



Rating: 5 out of 5


Rating: 2 out of 5

Stupid cat. That's what I used to think when cleaning the litterbox and grumbling to myself about him prancing around like royalty while I clean up after his majesty. Of course, the simple solution of getting rid of the little fluffball isn't really an option due to the wife's emotional attachment. So what's a guy to do?


Note: For an at-a-glance view of Litter Robot vs Cat Genie 120 vs Littermaid vs Scoop Free click here.


My first attempt at solving the problem was to search for some sort of automatic litter box, insisting that someone has to have this figured out by now – I was right, but there are several options and you can only do so much reading about a cat litter box before you feel awkward and bored. I settled on the Littermaid box which essentially uses a rake to run across the litter, scooping up any cat droppings into a container which becomes air-tight after the rake goes back to its resting place.

There is a sensor to stop the rake in case the cat does something silly like jump in, and I figured that emptying the container once a week would surely be easier than each and every day as I did currently (ok, once every couple days, but it begins to stink after that.) After some mild threats about giving the cat away, I received wife approval for the expenditure and ordered it immediately...


The next week the package arrived at our doorstep and we rushed home from work to open it. Littermaid setup and readyWe paused momentarily to look at each other, slightly embarrassed at the fact that we were so excited about a litterbox, but didn't let that stop our fun. The package had 5 pieces, the bottom pan, the top motor and rake assembly, the 2 pieces of the airtight container (disposable btw, although you can just dump it out as I did) and a little carpeted ramp that the cat can walk up. The Littermaid runs on batteries or with a plug that it comes with, and although the battery compartment lid seemed a bit flimsy, it stayed on once I fumbled with it a bit.



Once filled with litter (clumping is required, so that the liquid can be scooped up as well) you just turn it on and walk away – or such is the theory. In practice, we found the Littermaid to be very sensitive to litter levels, and although there is a line on the inside for "maximum level" we generally found that a little below this line worked best. Too much litter and the rake has a hard time going back to its resting position, and ends up running back and forth constantly until you remove some litter. Apart from the litter-level issue, we found it worked quite well. With two cats, the container was filling up faster than I would've liked, so I created my own container by duct-taping two together and placing the litterbox on a small box to raise it up (necessary for the new taller container.) This worked, but was a bit of a pain to empty – a tradeoff for the ability to empty it less frequently I suppose.


We review the Littermaid in more depth if you're interested. Overall, the Littermaid was a step up – but it wasn't quite…perfect. After about a year, I began searching again, hoping that some brilliant engineers somewhere had created a design that was just that much better.

Sure enough, they had, and it was called the Cat Genie. I read about the concept, some cat genie reviews and was immediately impressed. The Cat Genie connects to your cold water tap, your drain (laundry room drain or toilet) and power so that it can completely handle the entire process.

Never touch the litterbox again! Wow. WOW.


CatGenie setup

The concept is that you have granules that are the same consistency as litter, but are permanent. The cat does his business, then at a time set by you the CatGenie begins to scoop out the solids (liquids drain immediately through drain holes at the bottom of the box, into a holding area until the cycle runs) and place them into what amounts to a blender hidden inside the main unit. Water mixed with scented 'SaniSolution' (the green item in the picture) is then run down the side of the bowl, while the bowl turns to ensure everything is washed down. The impeller in the back activates and liquefies all the cat poop before sending it down the drain (with any other liquids from the holding tank mentioned before). During this, the rake comes down, washes the granules and generally stirs things up (including washing the rake itself). Finally, once the final drain cycle occurs, a blow-dryer turns on and dries the granules, creating a perfect clean box for kitty. Absolutely amazing, both from an engineering perspective and from sheer joy of never touching the box again.

In my personal experience, the only snags we had were regarding the drain hose - it's pretty long, so making sure there aren't any sharp bends along the way (gradual corners are fine) and ensuring that it isn't pinched on the end. Once you tweak it a bit to ensure that the drain path is clear, everything else is hands-off. SaniSolution cartridges are good for 60 uses, so based on the recommended 'number of cycles per day = number of cats' formula, the SaniSolution will last two months with one cat, one month with two cats, and so on. SaniSolution is the only ongoing cost however, as the litter granules are permanent. As one reader pointed out, the $20/month that is saved by not purchasing litter results in the Cat Genie paying for itself in just over a year.

Amazingly, I have grown to like the little guy over the past 6 months – Having not touched his box during this time makes all the difference, although he still acts like he owns the place…For anyone who is considering purchasing an automatic litter box, I highly recommend the Cat Genie. These guys have the CatGenie 120 at a better price than anyone else, and have incredibly fast shipping, even to Canada (we ordered from them with regular shipping and had it in a week).



Click Here for Cat Genie


For more photos of the Littermaid and Cat Genie, visit the photos section.



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Sandra  - I need this!   |May-21 12:09:35
I didn't know these existed - I am off to purchase one of these for our two
Kathy  - Litter cost   |May-22 23:17:07
It seems like a lot of money, but when you consider not spending $20/month on
litter, it pays for itself in just over a year.
Peter   |May-25 02:20:19
Good point Kathy! I've updated the article with this information - It may help
some people in their decisions.
Mike  - The Litter Robot   |July-17 03:11:28
What I found out about the Cat Genie is that the money you save on litter
gets spent on sanitizer.  If you run one cleaning cycle every 24
hours, you'll spend at least $80. Letting the cat poop hang around
for 24 hours before you run a cleaning cycle sounds like it will smell up
the house.  With an automatic litter box like the Litter Robot the litter box goes through a cleaning cycle 7 minutes after it is used by
the cat. Sounds like a better solution if you are concerned about odor.
Peter   |July-17 03:13:01
Mike - I heavily researched all the options including the Litter Robot before purchasing the Cat Genie. To address your points:
1 - The Sani Solution cartridges last 60 cycles
PER cartridge, so a three pack of cartridges ($38.99) should last
6 months running the Cat Genie once per day. This is the ONLY cost
for the Cat Genie, whereas the Litter Robot still has the litter cost,
which is likely to be much more than the $6.50 per month that the Cat
Genie\'s solution costs.

2 - The Cat Genie actually disposes of the
waste through your plumbing, the Litter Robot does not.  You still
need to bag up and throw out the Litter Robot\'s waste, and that is
problematic for health reasons, and especially for pregnant women - No
such concern with the Cat Genie.

I don\'t have any particular bias
towards the Cat Genie other than it WORKS. We used the LitterMaid for
a year (which is very similar in concept to the Litter Robot - both rake
and store waste in a container) and while it made things easier, the
problem remained of tending to the stinky mess. You literally don\'t
touch the Cat Genie for months at a time, and THAT puts it very high
in my books.

Hope this helps!
J  - cat genie   |July-01 13:29:33
I think people should stop and consider that the Cat Genie flushes waste that
could otherwise be composted. Hopefully people aren't that spoiled that they
can't deal with disposing of the waste in the receptacle of either the Litter
Robot or the Littermaid. Please think about our environment!
Jim  - cat genie   |July-05 03:38:37
So so you all know, you should NEVER compost cat waste.... serious health issues
can arise from cat waste. It is best to go down the drain!
Just my 2 cents!
OneBadKitty  - Litter knowledge   |May-18 13:28:33
Jim- Thought I'd put my 2 cents in on top of your 2 cents... lol... Yes, this
is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT!!! Litter/ cat waste should NEVER be composted!!!

"J")- Have your facts straight before you accuse people of being
"spoiled" about litter disposal. If you are thinking that composting
litter is best for the environment, I'll set you straight.

Cat feces contains
a parasite called Toxoplasmosis and extreme temperatures are essential to kill
it. The temperatures in a run of the mill garden composter or flower bed do not
reach anywhere near the required temp! Talk about bad for the environment!
This would only make things worse! Thanks.
Amanda   |July-20 07:02:35
NEVER NEVER compost cat litter!
Denise   |February-28 15:21:03
NEVER compost cat waste! The only type of animals whose waste can be used as a
type of fertilizer are herbivores, not carnivores which cats most definitely
jet  - Going green   |October-18 18:25:27
Do you have your own waste composted? If not why? Please think about the
environment. I wanna save the planet too but you must be realistic
suzanne  - treehugger   |October-26 11:05:03
oh shut up. u try having/saving every cat in the world and
"disposing"of it properly. bet you throw cig butts on the ground. same
J  - yeah, but...   |February-18 08:49:03
I agree that the waste should be composted, but if you don't have a place for a
compost (which cat waste should not be put in the same compost as a garden
compost) then puting the waste in the trash is not helping the enviroment! Most
of the time the waste that we flush down the drain is at least strained out and
allowed to decompose somewhat, whereas everything that you put in the trash is
sealed airtight and things that should compost down within a week will stay here
for another thousand years...

A good ecofriendly litter is swheatscoop, that
stuff is a lifesaver! It clumps way better than any litter that I've tried, it
is completely biodegradable, and it is the best for odor control too...the only
down side is that it is pretty expensive @ about $1/lb
babyboomer1001  - Cat & Dog Waste - NOT for composting   |August-28 09:19:53
Not only should cat waste never be composed but dog waste should also never be
composted. Both contain organisms that you do not want in your garden,
especially if you are eating from your garden.
Alex  - How many cycles per day?   |July-15 05:25:34
This seems like a great idea but how often do you run a cycle with two cats?
Since I don't empty our normal box but once every two days I can't imagine
needing to cycle more than once a day but maybe I'm missing something?

the Cat Genie says that it comes with two boxes of their litter-like granules.
Why does it do that if they are not disposable, do you find yourself losing
granules? If so, that's another cost to consider.
Peter   |July-15 06:01:23

Your logic is solid - If you clean your current box once every couple
days, you could set it to once per day and be fine. You may find that since
it's completely automated and not a hassle like cleaning manually, you wish to
increase the frequency and have it remain constantly empty and clean, but that's
up to you.

Good question regarding the granules. What I've found is that
some granules stick to the poop and get flushed, and some get scattered when the
cat jumps out. It's about the same as regular litter for scatter-rate but
because you won't need to tend to the box very often you may find yourself
visiting after a week or two to find a bunch scattered. My solution is to just
sweep them up and back into the box, but over time you may need to add more.
This is just my experience, but I'd say that you would add about 1/5 of the box
every couple months - So about a box per year. We only have one cat though, so
your scatter rates may differ. ;)

I think the dome would help quite a bit if
your cat likes enclosed spaces.
me  - scatter rates   |March-09 15:21:14
does this thing beep or run in the middle of the night? and i like the word
scatter rates, scatter rates, scatter rates
Phanes   |December-30 23:09:03
We have three cats. One of them really REALLY LOVES to dig in the cat box and
he does it like a dog, slinging cat litter all over their private bathroom. HE
slings so much cat litter when he digs that sometimes one of the cats
"uses" the litter that is on the floor. Thank goodness it's

And I'm so glad this site does not require registration to post! I
wish more were like this. /sigh
April   |June-09 03:26:07
Alex, you can just set the CatGenie on a timer and it will clean as many times
as you want up to 4 times a day
lou   |March-14 06:58:51
You can set it to operate only when the cat leaves the box, it will turn by
itself 10 minutes later, also if another cat trys to enter in that
10 minute period the 10 minute timer starts again so the second cat
isnt in the box during startup of the cycle. so if your kitty only goes
once a day it will only cycle once a day. or you just just use it at
you want to manually
t  - litter robot   |August-31 23:04:30
your statement about the litter robot raking and being similar to the litter
maid is incorrect. i owned the litter robot for 4 years and loved it until i
just couldnt move it again.
i just purchased the cat genine and it is awful.
the smell that the "sanitizer" gives off is terrible. i have two cats
and one refuses to use it - even after following all of the steps to get them to
- AND he never had issues using the litter robot. i can honestly say that if
you take care of the litter robot, the smell is next to nothing, it cleans
itself regularly and uses very little litter - the key is to make sure that you
pull the bag out of the drawer on a consistent basis according to your
i wish i would have purchased another litter robot instead of the cat
Brent Myers  - REALLY ????   |June-16 06:08:39
I've use the LitterMaid and the Litter Robot and got too tired of cleaning the
receptacles . . .
The Cat Genie is AWESOME . . .
If you don't like the smell of
the sanitizer, then get the fragrance free ones. Simple.
I HIGHLY recommend the
Cat Genie. It really is incredible.
And, as Peter says, you NEVER have to touch
the cat litter.
Just my 2 cents .. .
Gregg Onofrio  - 1 Room New York City Apt   |October-25 12:11:43
Hey Peter: I live in a New York 475 square foot studio apartment and am getting
two cats. Money is not a concern what is a concern is getting something that
has the least amount of stink. I live the idea of the Cat Genie but the only
place to put it would be in my bathroom along side my toilet and my concern
would be that my bathroom would always smell of either poop or cat genie
sanitizer. So I am thinking that the whatever I get for a litterbox alternative
would have to be in the hallway when you come into my apartment. What would you
recommend to (1) keep it somewhat hidden or looking like furniture and (2) low
smell factor and (3) if possible something automated. I just dont want my kitty
litter box in open view so I have to look at litter and poop. Ill spend
whatever I have to in order to make this work. Ideas??
Peter   |October-27 13:11:33
If you don't want to place your litterbox in proximity of plumbing then go for
the second choice, a litter robot.

The dimensions for the litter robot are:
29 in (H), 22 in (W), 24 in (D). Since you mention money isn't a concern, I'd
have a local woodworker/furniture maker produce you a foyer table that is
enclosed with an opening on the least visible side for your cat to enter the
box. I'm sure that with the right combination of wood and trim detail it could
look elegant and still be functional. You may want to also consider bringing in
an electrician to deal with placing an outlet behind where the box will go so
you can tuck the cord neatly away.
Mary  - The Litter Robot   |December-06 07:26:51

I had the litter robot about 2 1/2 month and my cat is a maincoon cat so he is too big, does not
feed in the little robot. I loved the machine but it's really good idea
for a small type of cat. I have to return it because my cat never ever
wanted to poo in the unit. My advice if you have a big cat don't buy it.
Janet  - The Litter Robot- Fat Cat Extender   |January-09 02:54:05
Hi Mary,

You can order the fat cat extender to increase the size of the
Litter Robot. (It isn't a retro-fit, you have to order it modified by the

I would order it even for regular sized cats, as it provides
light in the litter chamber (extender is clear acrylic).

I've never tried
the Genie, but I can certainly say that I've found the Littermaid useless. I
spent more time cleaning the Littermaid rake than I did cleaning the regular
scoop litterbox, plus some of the cats peed over the edge.

The Litter Robot
is the best litterbox I've ever tried. My only criticism is that I've awakened
to the one in my room tumbling in the night; I'm a light sleeper. I have to
shut it off at bedtime. Some day I will remember to buy a timer for it!

you have a cat the leaves "steamers", the Litter Robot takes care of the
smell in seven minutes. There is no rake to clean. You pull out a drawer, and
pick up the bag containing the waste. Done!
Rhonda Leland  - Litter Robot   |June-22 10:22:00
I have to agree with Mike. I have a little robot and it works great. No scooping
and you use less litter. No hooking up to plumbing either just plug it in.
Barb  - New Litterbox   |July-12 12:26:13
I think before the final decision is made on the best litterbox available;
everyone should check out the LitterHouse. Google it!
Peter   |July-13 06:23:34
It's cute, but it doesn't solve any of the core issues of still having to clean
and maintain kitty's waste. There also could be potential health issues with
having the fecal matter that close to your living area.

I suppose if you only
had a one-room house or something this would be an option, but I still stand by
my vote for the Cat Genie as best litterbox.
Amanda   |July-20 07:09:07
The Litter House is not an option for those looking for an automatic litter box.
It is simply an overpriced plastic house shaped cover to put over the basic
litter pan.
Anonymous   |November-27 06:16:43
Agreed! This is not an option
Amanda   |July-20 07:15:50

Thank you for taking the time to talk about this litterbox. I have
been using the Petmate brand "Purrforma" litterbox since November 2006
and it died on me last week. It worked fine for the first 6 months or so but
then I found myself constantly adjusting it, fixing it, and unjamming it. YUCK.
Plus the little bas that collect the litter are expensive and tear easy.

am excited to order this box and get it going. My only worry is that I will not
get the water line and waste line hooked up correctly. I may have to enlist
some help from my best friends husband to make sure I am doing it right. I am
not too handy at that kinda stuff.
Peter   |July-21 03:55:11

You won't have a problem with the water line, it's no more difficult
than attaching a garden hose to the outside tap - Same threading on both. These
taps are found in every laundry room which makes it a logical choice, or you may
have one in your basement (where we have ours). The waste line goes into any
drain pipe or into a toilet bowl - Again, the laundry area has a drain already
making it ideal, but basements also have floor drains and I simply cut a hole in
our floor drain cover large enough for a PVC pipe. The Cat Genie drain hose
just rests on the PVC pipe and everything works perfectly.

That being said,
I'm sure your friend's husband would love to help - Us guys can't resist being
involved with high-tech gizmos/robots. ;)
Betty  - Unit Lifetime   |September-12 01:23:54
How long has your unit lasted so far? Also, is anyone using it through their
bathrooms? Another question, if you put it in your washroom can your washer and
this gadget share the same line?????
Peter   |September-12 01:51:09
Hi Betty,

We've had ours for a year now. Haven't tried it in the bathroom,
but others have reported success placing the drain under the toilet seat (the
hose is naturally squared off at the top for this.)

The Cat Genie comes with
a Y-type adaptor so it can be connected to your water line at the same time as
your washer.

Hope that helps.
Christine   |October-01 17:58:31
Hi Betty. The Genie hose hooks over the drain pipe just like the washer hose -
no problem. With the brass connector included with Genie you extend the water
line so you can attach the Genie hose. It is recommended that you not cycle the
Genie while the washer's running, but that's easily remedied. Watch the video
on the web site. It's cool!
Keith   |July-15 09:56:52
You should not use the basement floor drain. These drains are intended to
accommodate water overflow from appliances or flooding from rain. Basement floor
drains do not empty into your sewer line. Instead, they empty into a sump
typically located near a basement corner and the effluent gets pumped out
through a PVC pipe near the side of your house. Not a good place to be dumping
liquified cat poo. Cat feces is known to carry a disease called toxoplasmosis,
known to be very dangerous for pregnant women.
Salene  - Basement Floor Drains   |December-31 10:29:59
Not all floor drains run out into storm sewers or sump pumps. Our floor drain
is definitely connected to our waste sewer line. It depends on when the house
was built and what the plumbing codes were in effect at the time the line was
laid (and if the builder followed them).

Regarding the need to elevate the
CatGenie waste line, the reason why it will empty out the litter during a
cleaning cycle is due to a siphon effect being created. Once the siphon is
created, the water will flow to the lowest point (i.e. the basement floor
Anonymous   |April-27 11:43:21
In some places the floor drain is only going into the french drain around the
home for ground water and not into the sewer system.
ceseme  - Pellets and Diarreah   |October-11 03:22:13
If it is true that the granules are permanent and reusable, why then are they
selling replacement pellets? How often is it necessary to replenish the
pellets? Do they get tracked out of the genie like ordinary litter?

Also, if a
cat's poop is very soft, will it get left behind or stick to the rake during the
cleaning cycle and therefore not get clean and cause a stink during the blow dry
phase as some have commented?
Peter   |October-11 04:51:15
The granules are permanent, however as mentioned they do get tracked out of the
litter box (high sidewalls and/or dome help dramatically with this). We have
the high side walls and replenish ours every 5-6 months with about 1/2 box.
Sweeping up the scatter back into the box helps as well.

If the poop is soft,
it could potentially fall through the rake (just as it could when scooping
manually) so it's advised in the manual that you watch for the time of day that
your cat does his business and then wait a few hours for poop to harden before
running the cycle. The cycles will run at the same times each day and cats keep
a fairly regular pattern so once you've set it, generally things will run
Shelley  - big enough for 14lb cat?   |November-13 04:30:19
I've got 2 larger cats, at 12 and 14 pounds. They are used to a domed litter
box but I use an XL size. Is the CatGenie with dome big enough for a larger
Carol  - Let us know about large cats!   |November-25 13:40:05
On another post about Cat Genie, someone said they had two Shaq-sized cats and
it worked fine, but they did not mention whether or not they had the dome.

too would like to know about this, as my boys are 16 lb and 19 1/2 lb. They
liked the Cat Cabana on the Littermaid but would sit on top so it broke the
supports. I haven't spent $45 on a replacement.
gayle  - Also would like to know about big kitties!   |December-03 00:55:11
My two boys are about 16 pounds each; I am also concerned about whether or not
they will "fit" in it. They use a jumbo size regular litter box and do
not use cover (no shame). Anyone?
Peter   |December-04 08:42:07
Hopefully this helps you Shelly, Carol and Gayle...I just weighed our big
fella and he's 15 pounds, he's been using it for over a year now - you
can view pictures of how he looks/fits in the CatGenie in the photos
section: http://www.liveautomatic.com/photos/35-personal...

chuck  - cat lover, retired   |November-15 21:07:53
I had been litermaid user but my big toms would use only one corner of the
thing and leave fist size pee wads in the litter, the littermaid
was almost helpless to move the wads and I was tardy box tenderer. the
catgenine has been very good solution and fred and larry have adapted. the
only thing that has puzzeled this tech of 47 years is when the sleep
piereod is suposse to start. the solid light apears to remain lighted into
the sleep period, until a cat jumps into the catgenie and the cat
light flashes,any comment?
Lisa   |November-06 05:54:09
my cats are the same size and they fit fine and are able to turn around as they
please. I've had the catgenie for two years and just ordered the upgraded 120.
I have the setting on 2 times a day, with the option to run it manually when
needed (sometimes I'll hit it once extra when it is smelly). No problems with
the original, and I look forward to trying out the new model
Aaron  - Cheap alternative: toilet training   |February-18 22:51:15
Nice article! And most cool gadget! :)

Still, it seems worth mentioning that
it is also possible to train a cat to share its humans toilet.

+ saves the space of a designated cat toilet

- training effort
either you put up with the feline floaters until you come around to flushing for
your kitty (although the cat might notify you after having gone to the toilet)
or you try teaching it to flush, but run a great risk that it will discover the
fun of flushing with no end, thus raising the water bill
Cat Luvr  - Just a thought   |February-26 10:56:17
While this machine will partly pay for itself and solve this problem I came up
with a better solution.

Feeding my cats was another major factor in kitten
costs, which in turn was costing me more in pooping costs.

I stopped feeding my
cats and I started instantly saving on food. Within a few days they stopped
pooping and from here on it will be golden.

The meowing was keeping me up for
the first week, but now it's slowed. The one cat has been pouting in his bed
for 2 days now, he won't even move - LOL
annonymous  - re:just a thought   |June-23 00:25:50
someone who stops feeding their cat probably shouldn't be called cat luvr
funnybunny  - Funny as heck though   |January-31 22:27:39
Lighten up! Have a sense of humor. It's funny...and true...lol
Anonymous   |October-06 06:55:40
it was ment to be a joke...
Anonymous   |March-26 00:00:16
Obviously it's not funny...do you realize how many people actually do that as
wrong   |June-23 11:25:19
totally funny and I have 3 cats, when I want to punish them I run the shower and
throw them in it and close the gate. Loud, wet, awful. They rarely screw up
anymore, but they probably have some mental trauma, but its a cat not a child,
its not going to be changing your diapers someday
EricDavis  - It's a JOKE   |November-17 07:28:04
Oh my god, I laughed so hard I literally almost blacked out!!
Carl   |March-10 23:28:04
OK, I bought this thing because my wife though it was the best thing since
sliced bread, and I hate to say it but she was right, again,this time. At first
our two young korat cats were scared to death of the thing and after two months
they love to sit and watch the thing work. Now, after it has finished it's
cleaning the two cats like to lay in the thing because it's so nice and clean
and warm after the dry cycle. I have to say most things like this are a pain to
setup and operate but this thing is so easy, and does just what it is supposed
to do. If your thinking about getting one, go ahead, I don't think you will
regret it.
Sharon G   |March-12 13:23:10
I just purchased the Cat Genie. My cats started using it after 3 days. When I
ran the first clean cycle, the hand did not scoop any of the waste. The hand is
firmly attached per the instructions and does not appear to have a problem. I
am currently running another cycle. If results are the same, I will contact the
company. Have any of you had this problem? Do you have any suggestions?
elle   |March-13 16:15:29
I think some of these comments are clearly written by marketers of the cat
genie. Cat poo is completely compostable. There are no health risks to having
cats poo in your garden, your composter, or whatever.
It jsut seems some
friendly posters are awfully concerned about addressing all of the questionsof
potential buyers.
Peter   |March-14 06:34:19
Elle, I think the comment you made is at best dangerous and needs qualification
and at worst plainly misleading. Composting cat poo requires a separate
composter, special care and even after all that it can never be used in gardens
where anything is consumed (ie. vegetable or fruit gardens).
Regarding the
posters and their questions, many responses have been from me as I am passionate
about the cat genie (and any devices that save me work) but other readers here
have expressed their pleasure (and displeasure) of the genie and other litter
boxes. When a technology helps people have a little more free time in their
lives, people get excited - after all, you took the time to post, why wouldn't
Anonymous   |September-27 13:32:55
Uhh... you are aware that cat poo has parasites in it, right? That is why
pregnant woman are not supposed to clean out cat boxes.

On another note this
looks cool. When I have a cat again I might just get this...
Peter   |March-14 06:37:40
The only thing I can suggest is to pull the main unit (the big square part with
the buttons) off for a brief moment, reset the arm into it's most upright
position and then put the main unit back down and run the cycle again. If this
doesn't work I would definitely give the company a call, they're pretty well
versed in the various issues and solutions.
lars  - A few thoughts   |March-31 18:29:12
As far as I can determine it looks like the Cat Genie is a good purchase. A few
thoughts however is I see that Peter is very warm spoken about this device.
Would like to have some more feedback from other people as well. My question is
if I attache it to the laundry room and the outlet for the wastewater is taken
by the washer and I don't have a second outlet how would I get the wasteline
from Cat Genie to fit there? Any suggestions?
April   |June-15 04:52:23
Lars, when you purchase the cat genie it comes with a Y shaped adapter, so you
can use both your washer and the cat genie
Anonymous   |April-27 11:56:30
If you would read it again it is asking where the cat box drain line would go if
the washer is using the only one in the room.
Carla Whaley  - 4 cat genies   |April-22 11:02:08
Well, I have 4 cat genies so you would have 2 figure I like them a lot. NOT. Out
of the 4 only 1 is presently working. They all worked for about 6 months great,
then it was 1 thing, then another. Calls to the company. In all fairness the
company is very good at replying and replacing broken parts mostly for free.
Problem was i spent more time fixing them than they spent cleaning. I have 3 set
up with 2 t joints in my laundry and no that is not the problem. Revolving kept
getting stuck, did not suck liquid out, litter hand went bad, 2 processors went
bad--all fixed and more and very friendly but I would not get 1 fixed before
another had a problem. Right now I have a couple boxes of repair parts to open
but i have given up. The processors were sent 2 me (2 broken) and the return was
free but then you have to take off water part which is a pain. I actually have
no problem with the cost--sweep up the granuels but i am a nurse and sort of
like things clean---works great when not broken. I liked that i could run it
several times and also push run whenever i wanted to--whenever i saw cat use it.
And when it works, I love it. I have 4 grown cats and right now 4 kittens--I
have a cattery, Bare4me and Itsasphynx--and breed no hair sphynx cats. If the
cat has loose stools as mine often do, sometimes you can't really stay in the
house--hot drying poop really smells. But even that didn't deter me. It really
is clean. Anyway, right now I am using a large regular box, have 2 broken and 1
working cat genie (which cats mostly don't use--they prefer regular litter but i
didn't give them a choice for awhile and had no problem with using the cat
genie)--looking for an automatic cat cleaner that keeps on ticking. I live in
tampa florida, so anyone nearby that would like a cat genie for free, e-mail me.
I don't have time to mail them or fix them. Service from cat genie is great.
Rachel  - A blessing.... When it works   |July-17 02:59:08
You said it perfectly. I love the Catgenie when it works..... which isn't that often. If you had asked me the first 3 months, I
would have told you how in love with it I was. Now I keep hoping I can go
a week without the sounds of little beeps ringing through the

I have to say that I think the Catgenie is best for those who
don't mind the frequent sound of error beeps and who enjoy constantly
tinkering with mechanical equipment - much like those people who keep
clunkers in their garage so they can always be working on it. I,
on the other hand, detest the nasty, smelly work of always having to
take apart the Catgenie and mess in poopie water to figure out why it isn't
working this time around. I had to beg my 80 year old mother not to
get one for herself and her several cats as I know there is absolutely no
chance she will be calling customer service every few days or will
have the patience or know-how to take one apart once a week. I could
picture her in tears when it falls apart - which is more regular than
a full moon.

As soon as I have the money, the Catgenie will be
toast and I will have a Litter Robot. It seems most of the reviews I have read for it are from former Catgenie
I'll take One  - I'll take one   |June-15 05:50:12
I'll glady take one off your hands and pay the shipping for it. Have 2 cats that
would really thank you for your generosity.
Phanes  - re:   |December-30 23:25:04
Well how can some people be so abundantly pleased with the CatGenie while some
are here trashing it utterly? It makes me wonder if the trashers are
competitors who don't want people to buy the CatGenie.

I'm trying to convince
my friend to get one, but I don't want to be embarrassed if it falls apart after
two months. Some people say they're having no problems, so I don't understand
how one person can have two broken ones, apparently so quickly. I know any
product can have its problems, but I just think something is amiss here.
Kim  - Free Cat Genie   |June-02 03:30:05
I just read your review of Cat Genie.

The free box you are referring too, is
that the one that works? Or all of them, parts too?

I am definitely

Please write me back!
Craigk  - a few probs   |June-17 11:28:38
We have been using the Cat Genie for about a year for my big boy (about 18
healthy pounds). He is prone to UTI's and I figured this would be great. All
in all, it works pretty good for Bubby, though my roommate and i have to do some
extra chores.

The arm tends to land right smack dab on top of Bubby's poos (he
eats a raw diet and his potties are harder than what most folks are used to)
squishing them and making a big mess. ever smell cooked cat poo, its not
pleasant. We have resorted to scooping the poo before running the cycle. Yeah
its a pain, but since his don't smell (a great effect of the raw diet) its not
too bad.

The pellets go everywhere, and I mean everywhere. We find them all
over the place and they are not fun to step on when exiting the shower. Bubby
does not care about scratching too much, so we have just let the level drop down
to maybe a quarter of a box.

No UTI's for a year now, perhaps due to the Genie,
or his diet, or both.
CatLady  - Litter   |June-23 00:33:03

Have you tried the dome or the GeniePaws, they can help reduce the
amount of litter that does get scattered. I have read a lot of reviews where
people sweep up the litter they find or shake out the geniepaws back into the
CatGenie so they are not wasting the granules.
CraigK  - litter   |June-23 03:14:01
He is way too big for the dome, and themat might work except he avoids stuff
like that and he likes to scratch all over the darn place. He will scratch the
litter, the floor, the side of the machine, the door, takes him 5 minutes to
"flush". I am too bugged out by the pellets, except at 2am on barefeet
Brandon  - Hidden Costs?   |July-03 18:33:46
I'm surprised that no point bothered to point out the hidden electrical and
water cost associated with this product. How many kWh does it draw per year on
average at one cycle a day? How much water does it go through?
stephanie  - scooping poo   |July-07 00:15:58
Does it scoop up the poo even if you dot run a "Wash cycle?" Or does
just leave the poo in there? My cats like a clean litter box...they are
Pam   |August-30 01:01:16
There is no option to run just a wash cycle it always scoops first.
Reggie   |August-30 11:43:34
In brief, they are expensive to buy, expensive to use, and you can't trust
them so you still need to have a regular litter pan out all the time. I
have two very large Maine coon cats, long hairs, so we have lots of
hair balls and lots of hair in the poop. We've had two Cat Genies for over
2 years now and they are junk! They clog constantly internally from
the hair. I have to take them oustside to hose them off to clean them
monthly. It's like cleaning a very slimy old toilet bowl but without
the benefit of being able to flush it and keep your distance when you clean
it. The litter sticks to the poop so it has to be replaced and it gets
in the machine too and gets ground in the gears, so it's expensive to use.
Worst is when the machine misses the poop and it goes through the
whole cycle and poop gets blown dry by the machine so you get the smell of
cooked perfumed poop throughout the house, it's disgusting! They keep
saying they have a new improved model but it is never any better than the
old one. I hate doing the litter pans, but don't waste your money if
you have a long hair cat. In any case, you need to keep a regular
litter pan accessible for those times when the Genie doesn't work and it
ends up full of water. Your cat isn't going to walk in a bowl of
putrid waste to do his/her business, and if they have to go, they have to
have somewhere else to go. My units have been replaced 3 times each and every time they say
they improved the product but it is never enough. Great idea, but
don\'t buy it cause it doesn't work well enough.
krista   |August-07 04:56:35
My cat has a problem with chronic soft stool and diarrahea - any advice on if an
auto cleaner of any kind would work?
Trish Holder  - cat owner   |September-20 01:03:42
I'm very interested in purchasing a cat genie. Found your review very helpful.
But I was wondering if the fact that we are on septic (not city water) might be
a problem.
Peter   |October-01 05:08:10
Being on septic shouldn't be an issue, the only things sent down the sewage line
are the cat waste (which the septic would handle in the same manner as human
waste), a small amount of sani-solution (essentially just mild detergent) and a
few biodegradable pellets (which the manufacturer says degrade in a septic
system within 9 months).
Sara   |November-21 04:26:22
Peter, I would like to see a better pic of your drain "hookup" you
created in your basement. A pic of the actual PVC coming out of your drain,
please. I am considering a litter genie, but emailed their site with my
question of whether a person could put it in a utility room downstairs. They
never replied to me yet. Like you, I was thinking of using our water hookup down
there & considered the floor drain--but didn't know if it would work. Why must
the PVC be taller (raised) from the floor? I would appreciate your help as my
guy isn't really a handiman type either & I don't know what to do either. Our
pan used to be down there--but moved it to our laundry room for closer watching.
I hate it though--as I iron ocasionally & don't care to be stepping on the
litter or having clean clothes accidentally dropped in that mess. Yes, we have a
"spreader"--he likes to take off at a run after using the pan--so it
makes for a constant clean up of just the litter--which I do every couple of
days. And having it in our bathroom is out of the question as I don't relish
the thought of stepping on those granules after a shower, either. So, let me
know a little more about your setup please. Thanks!
peter   |November-22 09:19:38
I completely understand about stepping out of the shower onto litter - that's
why we put it in the basement. It's like we don't even have a litterbox now (or
at least I don't have to worry about it.)

There is a picture of the drain
setup in the photos section (linked in the left menu or at the bottom of the
review) - Essentially I just took a piece of PVC pipe and cut a hole in the
plastic floor cover big enough for the pipe to fit through, but not so big a
hole that it's loose. I also wondered if I could just run the hose down into
the drain, but it turns out that when the cat genie fills with water to wash the
granules the water would just drain out. Having the pipe elevated allows the
water to sit in the bowl and only be sent down the tube when the impeller spins.
I suppose you could just raise any section of the hose higher than the cat
genie and that would work as well, I just used the pipe because it seemed
jody  - I put mine in the basement and   |January-12 04:37:59
installed plumbing and a floor drain. The PVC "disposal" pipe has to be
raised because gravity would pull the yucky water back into the CatGenie bowl.
Kate  - Cat genie promo code   |October-23 18:49:00
I find it funny that there are all these coupon codes for the cat genie but it's
just marketing to get you to buy it from somewhere more expensive. The place
linked in the review is the cheapest I found anywhere and doesn't need one of
the "promo codes" lol.
Peter  - Cat Genie 120   |December-16 15:29:21
For all those who have been patiently waiting, we've had our Cat Genie 120 for a
little while now and I'm ready to comment on the changes.

Dealing with the
biggest issues of the previous Cat Genie first, dried poop and cleaning the unit
to fix the water level sensor - The new unit has the ability to activate 10
minutes after your cat leaves the box, instead of at a fixed time like the
previous model. This may not seem like a big change, but it is because it allows
the genie 120 to scoop the waste while it's still fresh and therefore less
likely to slip through the rake. Slipping through the rake was the number one
cause of the awful dried poop smell that you may hear about. In two weeks so
far, no dried poop!

Secondly, the water level sensor is apparently cleaned
with the deep cleaning cartridge now, and while I figured that it wouldn't be
dirty enough to test with in just two weeks I was wrong... The difference of
before and after the deep clean was fairly significant. I wasn't having any
issues with the sensor before, so I can't say if it would've fixed them, but
they've made the sensor easy to get at now (no more taking apart the dirty
hopper) so worst case it's an easy rinse now.

There are a few other
improvements like longer lasting cartridges and a sleep cycle to pause the unit
for 10 hours (in case the cat genie is within ear shot of someone sleeping) but
ours is in the basement and I'm more concerned about a set-it-and-forget-it
litterbox than anything else. The Cat Genie 120 model seems to have made huge
strides and while it's not perfect (I wish the litter didn't scatter as much)
it's pretty impressive from an engineering standpoint and the best thing out
there right now!
Darlene   |December-18 11:01:28
I have had the cat genie for my 4 cats for about 4 months now and no problems
except for them tracking litter out of the unit. I do have a question... if the
hose were just 3 feet longer i could place the unit in their bedroom (yes they
have a cat room) instead of the bathroom and that would be so much easier for
me. Is there a way to extend the hose? Will the unit still run?
Peter   |December-30 06:49:36
If it's the supply hose you're talking about then there would be no issue with
extending it, just get any garden hose and connect it up.

If you're asking
about extending the drain hose, I'm not actually sure whether the impeller would
have enough force to push it out another 3 feet. I'd think it would be fine,
but the only way to know is to test it. I'd try a washing machine hose
extension kit, they have them at home depot and other hardware stores.
Colette  - Toilet hook up   |December-30 23:52:29
When the Cat Genie is hooked up to the toilet....do you have to flush the toilet
after each cycle?
Bill   |January-04 07:32:41
We put ours in a spare bathroom and flushed it whenever we thought about it -
the toilet won't overflow or anything but you'll want the lid closed. We ended
up buying a Y-fitting and connecting it through the side of the vanity to our
sink drain, which is a better solution if you can swing it. Not that big a deal
though honestly.
sue  - return policy   |January-03 10:33:56
sounds like a great item...but I have problem with a company that will not take
returns. Is this available at any stores?
Peter   |January-04 07:40:30
It's a pretty tough sell to get any store to take back a used litterbox as there are health issues with
exposing employees to cat waste, even if it's reeeeally clean.

bright side is that the catgenie folks are really good about any
problems - they shipped us a new o-ring for free when ours was acting up
and there are countless reports of similar situations with
other parts. I think they realize it's a big purchase and they want
you to be happy and tell all your friends, which is a much better business
model than some manufacturers (hint hint littermaid).
Donna   |January-07 02:40:07
Is it possible to refill the sani solution cartridges with your own cleaning
solution of detergent and mild bleach water.
Phanes   |December-30 23:41:28
The Cat Genie website says the detergent cartridges are not refillable.
dee  - no   |January-25 12:45:37
I am actually a little disappointed at the CatGenie. The ONLY part I am
dissatified with is the Cat "self-flushing" granules.
The fact that
thes are NOT order control or absorbent, does not make good for cat litter.
When my cats urinate in the litter box, you have to smell the urine small to the
self-flush activates. The fact that the granules are not absorbent of the
urine, the cats do not like to go back in the litter because the bottom remains
yet with their urine.
Anianna  - Dangerous   |January-28 06:56:20
The statement "there are not health risks to having cats poo in your
garden" is absolutely incorrect. Cat waste is home to many parasites and
pathogens that are a threat to human health. Toxoplasmosis, psittacosis, and
ringworm are just a few of those threats. All carnivore poops contain pathogens
that make such material unsuitable for use in gardens.

The only way to safely
"compost" cat poop is to bury it well away from garden or water supply
areas about a foot deep and covered by at least 8 inches of soil. Even with
this method, it is not suitable for use other than to provide nutrients to

****Composters do not reach temperatures hot enough to kill the
pathogens in cat waste.****
Chuck  - cat lover   |January-28 18:15:44
Thank you for your information about toxic carnivor poo, our cat poo is in our
septic tank, heaven help our pumper
delane  - water   |February-07 03:43:44
How much water is used for each cleaning cycle?
Stef  - Just one question   |March-09 14:18:16
I was wondering if you have to order more of the sani-solution from the company
or is this something you can buy at Petsmart or local pet stores?
John in Maryland  - Cat Genie - great except smell when drying   |April-15 22:23:29
We have had the Cat Genie 60 and now upgraded to the Cat Genie 120. Very cool &
easy. Our Cat Genie 120 had a motor problem soon after delivery and their
customer support was great and they replaced the motor in 2 days.
My only
complaint is the horrible smell when it is going thru the blow drying cycle,
uuuggh. I beleive that the sani-solution is defective. am suplementing by
pouring feebreeze into the tray uder the litter.
John in Maryland  - fixed the bad smell problem - too easy   |April-18 21:35:17
Great news for me, by lifting the front of the unit a half inch the cleaning
cycle is flushing the dirty water perfectly now and the weekend proved to be
free of any bad smells! My laundry room floor is obviously not level.
Now I
rate the cat genie and the service they gave me as "Perfect"!
Kim Moore  - medical issues   |April-28 13:21:43
I have 4 cats and would love something like this. My only concern is that
sometimes the only way to know if there is a medical issue is to see if your cat
is urinating more or if they have diarrhea. With these litter boxes you would
not have what is sometimes very valuable information to get veterinarian car for
your pet.
Jimmy  - Cat Genie   |June-04 03:26:19
We have had out Cat Genie for a bit over a year. We have four cats and I think
that is asking quite a bit of an automatic litter box. With 4 cats we don't
really save and money from not having to buy litter. Our unit is set to clean
three times a day. We also go through the granules. A box lasts us about a month
and a half. overall I am happy with the unit. The only exception is when it
clogs. One of our cats has long hair and every few months the impellar will clog
and it can't drain the water. Ours is in the bathroom and this serves for a very
stinky expierence. It is easy to unclod and doesn't happen very often. I would
still rather have to deal with this problem than have to scoop a litter box
every day. I think if we spent the money and bought another Cat Genie we would
be golden!
karensa   |September-06 04:38:59
we bought it.. works great.. but cats won't use it.. we tried everything.. so
now.. I have an expensive litter box just sitting around.. If anyone wants one,
cheap.. let me know.. I will sell it.. kkscheck@att.net
Dwayne  - Cat Genie Feedback   |June-07 08:22:34
I currently have two cats and have had the cat genie for little over a year. In
the beginning I loved it because it did as advertised and I could not be
happier. The only complaint that I had at the time was machine didn't clean
after a cat was finished their business. However, this has been corrected in the
Cat Genie 120.

Approx one year has gone by and I find myself having to
purchase a new Genie. The machine errors out contantly
W   |November-14 05:31:53
Someone should just create a underground waste system kinda like a humans that
way it's still sorta safe for our enviornment :)
alicia himes   |November-19 03:43:58
after much searching i purchased the cat genie..my dream come true.in reality
though i was at first disappointed...the drain clogged then the rake was
stuck...after taking apart a few times and doing the trouble shooting thing my
cat genie works fine.i would recomend this product...but would advise to get to
know how it works and how to take apart...the problems with it r minor.. on a
whole i think it is a really great product...
Sindi  - So Far So Good   |January-27 22:25:19
After reading all the reviews I decided to get the cat genie and see for
myself. I have three large cats that all share one extra large litter box.
 The cat genie arrived in a few days and the setup was easy. I put it
in the laundry room cause that's where their box is currently located.
The cats were all very curious about their new fancy potty but not
afraid. The instructions were clear and I even knew where to put the
little green ball thanks to the instructions it came with. The machine
was a bit noisier than I anticipated however it wasn't any louder than a
washing machine so it's no big deal. The first test run worked just
as it should and I was wondering how long I would have to keep the Green
monster litter box next to this new pretty potty before the cats would
take to it. They proceeded to actually get in the box but didn't use it
and I figured it might take at least a day. As of this morning
two had used the box. It cleaned just as promised and I didn't have
any odor of heated poo. The sani-solution had a light fragrance that
isn't overwhelming. In fact, the smell from a fresh box of clumping
cat litter is much stronger. Plus you have to deal with all that dust!
Yuck! No more dust or clumping cat litter here. If our cat genie
continues to work like this I will be so happy. I will be sure to re-post
after a few weeks and update you on the progress.
Sindi  - still love it   |February-08 21:23:33
To update my post from earlier where it was So Far So Good I have to admit I
still love it. I have not had any of the problems I read about in the other
reviews however I can understand where some of them might be coming from. I
would like to share a few things I have done that I find are quite convenient.
I do believe that the litter is more easily tracked out of the box due to
static. It was a pain to take the rectangular rug out from under the box every
day to shake out the granules. We went to wal-mart to look for rugs and I
didn't find any I thought were suitable. My husband suggested we use automotive
carpet. So I bought a roll for $8 and cut it to fit around the box. It's great
because I no longer have to struggle with moving the cat genie and the entire
area is covered, and it's washable. Now, very few granules are tracked off the
carpet and wasted. I do not have my cat genie set to clean automatically. I
was weary of using that setting cause I didn't want to experience the
possibility of smelling heated cat poo. Since my cats tend to all use it
relatively at the same time I clean it twice a day. I usually observe it long
enough to make sure it is all scooped and no little pieces remain. I also used
a command hook on the side to hang the pooper scooper from the old cat box. I
did this because once I had an issue where a piece was caught in the very center
of the bowl and made it to the wash cycle. Overall I am very pleased and would
recommend this product to anyone.
Sindi  - update   |March-04 09:34:35
I still love the cat genie! I had been hesitant to set it on automatic as I
like to make sure there are no pieces left behind. I was afraid my house would
smell like dried cat poo. To my delight we have not had it happen yet. I also
want to correct my previous statement regarding using automobile carpet for a
mat. While it worked for keeping the litter in place there was an issue with
the rug getting bunched up; especially after it had to be washed. I have
however found what I think will be a great solution for about $4. I bought a
boot tray from wal mart and notched out about a 6 inch section to fit the rim of
the box. It is keeping the litter in and I don't have to worry about it
shifting or bunching up. Hopefully this will fix the issue.
t  - dog poo?   |January-31 15:57:40
I live in a condo, which has very strict regulations about waste disposal. I
would love to get a small dog for my son but I don't want to walk behind it with
a plastic bag. Can this handle a small dog's(about 10 lbs) demands? I would see
no difference, but maybe someone else knows something I don't.
Sindi  - why not   |March-04 09:25:07
I don't see a reason that it wouldn't work with a dog if you trained him. All
of my cats weigh more than 10 pounds so the size or weight should not make a
difference. Hope this helps.
Lise  - Ingesting the litter?   |June-25 00:28:51
I have a question. Has anyone seen any of the litter get caught in the cat's
paws? I'm worried about the cat ingesting the litter when they clean themselves.
We switched from clumping clay to a wheat-based litter for that reason. Granted
the Cat Genie litter isn't clumping so my guess is that the cats would just pass
whatever they did ingest, but there's also the concern of the cleaning agents
being ingested. Are the granules so big that they wouldn't stick to the cat's
Suzy  - I was wondering??   |June-28 23:39:29
During the process when the cat litter is being cleaned and dried, where does my
cat potty during this time if she has to go?
Moe   |April-22 00:02:48
Hello there, I have had two cat genies for a little over a year now. One of them
has worked flawlessly but the other one has had the power unit replaced four
times. When I receive the replacement it looks like it has been previously used.
Most things that can fail are built into the expensive power unit. I have asked
them to send me an unused CG but they didn’t. And now I have another bad one.
I have to manually start it and once it fills with water it fails and beeps then
I have to unplug it and plug it back in. Then it wil go through the cycles and
clean. I have also experienced some of the problems mentioned in other posts. On
a scale of 1-10 it would get a 5 from me. BEWARE IF YOU EVER NEED TO HAVE THE
Sarah  - Is it easily moveable?   |July-30 03:19:12
I am thinking about purchasing this. I have a new kitten, and just spent money
on a ScoopFree box. But, the box is located in a back hall in my apartment that
connects to my bedroom and my bedroom and the hall now stink much of the time.
I do have a laundry room that I could fit it into, but it would sometimes block
access to a storage cabinet. I am wondering how moveable this is once it is set
up? Would I be able to slide it aside a foot or so when I want to get into the
cabinet? Thanks.
Peter   |July-30 04:16:40
Yes, you can slide it fairly easily once it's setup, just make sure it's fairly
level when you're done moving it around or the bowl will have issues turning
(ie. don't have one half on carpet and one half on tile).
Sarah  - one more question   |July-30 12:40:32
Thanks, Peter. Also, I notice that there is a lot of discussion about Litter
Robot & Litter Maid, not anything about ScoopFree. Have you or anyone else
compared the two?
Peter   |July-30 21:47:27
There's a comparison table including ScoopFree at: http://www.liveautomatic.com/reviews/for-pets/3...

Essentially it's more expensive to run, uses silica gel which can be
dangerous to pets/children and cartridges only last 2 weeks on average
(with a normal sized cat). It's in the same category as the others,
but not in the same league.
S.M.  - Cat Genie 120   |August-01 16:12:20
Hi, I am interested in getting a cat genie (or two) my gdaughtr has four indoor
and one outdoor cat we live in an apartment 2 bedroom 2 bath, her bathroom has
the two kitty litter boxes. Now living in an apartment would this cat genie
work? I mean, water,electric, what do you think and how would I run that water
thing to dispose waste???
Scott   |May-19 03:26:03
My wife & I have two "grand cats", went thru two Littermaid boxes in ten
yrs. plus alot of cat litter, plus having to dump the litter trays once or twice
a day, then once a week washing of the whole unit, whitch was ok just to keep it
clean for the cats, then there are the times that the rake would get hung up and
fling litter...they work pretty good overall if you dont mind having to mess
with them every single day!. Then we got a Cat Genie as a gift from our
daughter. At first i was skeptical, then found a good place next to the washing
machine and hooked it up. We have had a year and a half of nearly touch and
trouble free service.... Every once in a while it has a pretty strong odor after
the drying cycle, i just open the window, it goes away after a few minutes. The
sani solution lasts about 45 days per cartrige, have had to add a little over a
box of granules since we've had it. I take the machine apart and clean it every
6 months. I like the cat genie hands down! They all have drawbacks, but if you
have a location with water, electricity & a drain to the sewer/septic system,
the cat genie is so much LESS work, and worth the initial approx. $300.00

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