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Litterbox photos E-mail
Written by Peter   

The Cat Genie waiting for the cat

Cat Genie
The Cat Genie Controls
Cat Genie Controls
The Cat Genie Hose Connection - Here it's connected in our basement, but previously we had it in the laundry area. Included with it is a Y valve so you can keep your washer connected as well. Cat Genie Hose Connection
The Cat Genie Drain - Again, with the Cat Genie in the basement I just put a PVC pipe in the floor drain and used that - works wonderfully! Previously we had it in our laundry area and the drain went into the washer drain pipe. Cat Genie Drain
Here is our cat (who is huge) in the Cat Genie. We should probably put him on a diet, or treadmill or something. Cat Genie with Cat
The Littermaid, ready for use (unplugged for photo)
Littermaid ready for use
The Littermaid in pieces Littermaid in pieces
The Littermaid battery compartment (D Cell batteries)
Littermaid Battery Compartment
The Littermaid power switch, AC adapter location and status LED. Littermaid switch
The Littermaid with our tubby little cat in it.
Littermaid with Cat
A youtube video of the Cat Genie in action.


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Bodie Van Betuw  - WTF   |June-03 05:13:37
How much carbon was thrown into the air to power this thing? wouldn't it be
cheaper to buy a genetically modified cat that doesn't shit?
Anonymous   |October-27 13:28:00
Funny... I absolutely hate litter boxes so this kind of appeals to me. It is
noisy, but what if I set it to run in the wee hours. My cats are usually sound
asleep. I'm tempted to try this until I can get a "genetically modified
JoAnn   |May-20 14:06:56
That is awesome! But probably wouldn't be good for my home. I have 6 cats and 5
old-fashioned litter boxes. According to Murphy's law, or the law of statistics,
or some other law, at least one of the cats would need to go during the cleaning
But it looks great. Thanks, Pete.
stephanie  - scooping poo   |July-07 00:12:50
Does it scoop up the poo even if you dot run a "Wash cycle?" Or does it
just leave the poo in there? My cats like a clean litter box...they are OCD..
calusacat4   |October-12 09:13:06
I was almost ready to buy this until I saw the video! Even filmed at 3.5X speed,
I was wondering how much longer the cleaning cycle would go 3 min. into it. So
it takes over 30 minutes to clean. And the sound! My cats are skittish enough,
anything can spook them. Just what I want- the sounds of Hell scaring them away
from the litter box. I would say it might work in a household with only 1 well
adjusted cat. Guess I'll have to wait until someone comes up with something
utageek  - any cats scared off by clean cycle?   |May-08 03:09:05
I'm almost sold on going with the Cat Genie 120, but have two reservations:

1 -
Anyone experience cats being terrified of the litter box because of the cleaning
cycle. granted the littermate is nowhere near the product, but 30+ minute of
noise has to be noticed by the cats!!! lot of money to spend if they later won't
go near it.

2 - Flushable? How liquified is the waste and if the liter does go
down the drain is there a risk of clogging. I've had some expensive drain
cleanings in the past because of an old home with a small diameter line and root
problems, don't want to solve one problem and create another.
donna   |January-30 05:42:35
I can't believe I've been sitting her for six minutes watching this video, who's
got the more pathetic existence!!
duke00rn  - Sani-solution Cartridge   |April-01 22:26:09
Understanding, per other reviews/comments, that the sanisolution doesn't smell
too great. Is there any way of re-filling an empty cartridge with a 10% bleach
solution (or some other sanitizer) and re-using a cartridge? I'm pretty handy
with a drill and could plug up the drill-hole with some sort of fabricated
stopper, as I do with my printer cartridges. Wonder if the genie would recognize
the cartridge as being full once again. Ideas? ;0)

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