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Remote Control Fireplace: A How-To using Insteon EZIO E-mail
Written by Peter   
Remote Controlled FireplaceThere's a whole world of interfacing with your house beyond your lighting and media, and that includes things like your fireplace, curtains and garage doors.  In this step-by-step guide we'll take you through the task of connecting your fireplace to your home automation network using an Insteon EZIO.  

Time:Approximately 15 minutes

-22-18 AWG Female terminal connectors (x2)
-Solid or stranded 18 AWG wire
-Insteon EZIO (a 2x4 is shown in photos, however other models will work as well)
-Precision flathead screwdriver (required for EZIO set screws)

Step 1 - Wire Run: For the run we will require two distinct wires, so while just about any wire type (i.e. Cat5, speaker wire, solid core etc) will work for this install, ensure there are at least two separately shielded wires.  Run the wire from the fireplace to location where the EZIO will be plugged into the wall.  For me this meant utilizing a hole in the back of the fireplace assembly and running the wire through to the utility room.  
Fireplace Wire Run

Step 2 - Fireplace Connection: Cut the wires to the length required and attach 2 female terminal connectors to the wire.  The fireplace uses conductivity between two terminals to ignite the main flame.  Typically these two terminals are the top and bottom, and will have wires already connected and running to the wall switch used to control the fireplace currently.  To identify the correct two terminals, use a small piece of wire and connect the two terminals for 15 seconds (it may take this long for the gas to permeate and ignite).  When the fireplace lights, you have identified the correct two terminals.  Mark these down for connecting to the female connectors on the wire in a few minutes.  
Fireplace Wire Closeup

Step 3 - EZIO Connection:
At the location where the EZIO will be plugged in, strip the wire ends approximately 1/4" and use the precision flathead screwdriver to unscrew set screws for your EZIO.  On the EZIO 2X4, I used R2_A and R2_B to provide controlled continuity to the wires.  Insert the wires through the bottom insert and tighten the set screws.  
Insteon EZIO Connections

Step 4 - Plugging In:
  At the fireplace, attach the two wires to the terminals you identified earlier using the female terminal connectors.  At the EZIO, plug the EZIO module into the wall power supply.  
Insteon EZIO 2X4

Step 5 - Programming the EZIO:
To control the fireplace from another Insteon controller (i.e. Smartlinc, RemoteLinc etc) start by putting the controller into linking mode (varies depending on device, but usually it's just a matter of holding the "on" button that will control the device for 5-10 seconds until the LED flashes).  Next, on the EZIO push and hold the pushbutton for 3-4 seconds, until the LED on the EZIO turns off.  The controller should give feedback that a link has been established.  To link an individual relay press the button the number of times representing the relay number (twice in our case representing R2) and after the last tap press the button and release it after 3-4 seconds.  The LED should turn on solidly and the linking process is now complete.  A more detailed explanation can be found in the EZIO Manual.

Insteon Smartlinc

That's it!  You should now be able to control your fireplace from the linked controller, and for any additional controllers you'd like to link simply repeat Step 5.  

Advanced switching:
Insteon EZIO Inputs
You'll note that the Insteon network is able to control the fireplace as long as the manual fireplace switch is off, and that the manual fireplace switch can turn the fireplace on regardless of the Insteon setting.  Essentially we have the following:

 Turned On with Insteon
 Turned Off with Insteon
Turned On with Manual Switch
 Lit Lit
Turned Off with Manual Switch Lit Extinguished




In order to control this setup more instinctively, we will need to run a wire from the manual switch to the EZIO input, and use this input signal to trigger relay 2 (using the same methods described above). While this is more work, it makes for a more elegant setup.


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Peter  - Just the remote   |November-23 16:35:20
It's funny, I saw this after but for those who aren't already obsessed with
home automation and just looking to add a simple remote to
their fireplace, here you go.

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