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Written by Peter   
Tuesday, 20 May 2008 13:15

About Me

I admit it. I'm a technology junkee - I have a passion for new technologies, especially when they allow you to do something that wasn't possible before, or improve your quality of life. The downside of being an early adopter is that you experience the short-comings of the products in the early stages, basically acting as the beta-testers who pay for the priviledge.

I've suffered through the first PDA (Apple Newton), the first robot vacuum (original roomba), built my own parallel port based home automation controllers (previous to X10's arrival) and lucked into being one of the first DSL subscribers, when 99.9% of the world was still on dial-up. I thoroughly enjoy the integration of software with real-world devices - So much so that I integrated a 'carputer' into my daily driver, giving me full touchscreen control over my MP3's, videos, realtime engine monitoring (including timing, knock, wideband O2 and more), fuel delivery and internet access (via WiFi or Bluetooth). Oh yes, there was also a handsfree speakerphone via bluetooth. Pictures below...


Carputer screen

Glovebox Emanage & Logger

Carputer in trunk

With a little creativity and the new technologies that emerge on a daily basis, the possibilities are endless. I've dedicated this site to those possibilities. Enjoy.


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Sandy Lowell   |January-23 10:10:51
We have a remote cabin with solar PV, 1800 Watt inverter and 12 volt DC and 440
KWH of battery storage. We get ATT cell service. We want to start a direct
vent propane stove from our home which is 100 miles away in town. Can you

Jim  - Litter boxes   |March-30 10:01:35
You state that the Cat Genie is the "Only litter box with no
requirement to
touch waste."

I have a Litter Robot and I never have to touch waste or used
cat litter. It's outstanding.

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